Try Something New: Art Resource Round-up

Try Something New: Art Resource Round-up

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Spark fresh ideas and approaches today!

|Sponsored| In our product and art resources round-up, get inspired to create with these art supplies, publications, surfaces and more to pursue your creative passions to the fullest.

Indigraph Fountain Pen

The Indigraph fountain pen’s newly redesigned disruptive cap gives the Indigraph superpowers. Indigraph is ideal for urban sketchers, calligraphers, artists, designers, drafters and hobbyists.


Arteza Metallic Acrylics

Add magical accents to your artwork with high viscosity Arteza Metallic acrylics in a wide selection of unique, shimmering shades. These versatile, lustrous paints can be applied to a variety of surfaces and are perfect for paintings, crafts and DIY projects.


DaVinci Dual-Sided Flat Pro Panels

One side is ultra smooth, the other side has a medium tooth, and both sides are primed with real gesso—perfect for acrylic, oil, acrylic gouache, egg tempera, casein, graphite, colored pencil, all types of pastel, technical drawing pens, mixed media and more. DaVinci’s new 1⁄4-inch archival panels have been time tested to ensure stability. They’re twice as thick as other brands and warp-resistant.


Richard Schmid Publications

Richard Schmid, author of best-selling art instruction book Alla Prima II: Everything I Know About Painting and More, is proud to announce the release of his newest book, My Still Life Art. Written with Schmid’s insightful wit and wisdom, this 280-page book, containing 390 images, is a visual feast.


Richeson Casein

Casein paint has a milk protein binder and is known for its matte, velvety finish and ability to be photographed accurately. Beloved by illustrators in the 1950s, this unique watermedia is making a comeback.

Always wanted to try Casein? Now is your chance! Casein 2020 is a new kind of art competition. Click on the link below for more information.


Discover all the ways you can explore your artistic passions when you check out the free art resources from Network!

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