A Sucker for Architecture

A Sucker for Architecture

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Watercolor Art and Architecture of the City

Arches, towers, doorways, bridges and vaulted ceilings — I love all aspects of architecture and engineering. And it was through these things that I first started to appreciate plein air painting.

Before, when I was trying to understand what plein air was all about, I was sort of “meh” about the idea of going out of the studio to paint. But then I saw Thomas W. Schaller’s watercolor paintings and came to the realization that plein air isn’t just about finding beautiful mountain vistas and cascading waterfalls and rivers.

Thomas will be teaching an Network plein air workshop in Tuscany this fall and there are only a few spots left so consider your Retreat to Tuscany now!

Plein Air Urban Edition

When painting outside, there is room for capturing a little bit of the awe you feel when walking through a Parisian city square or encountering the loveliness of a historic bridge or stunning doorway. It turns out the cityscape — which I love — is actually the perfect subject for an artist painting outdoors. And with that, I was hooked on plein air.

Portrait of a Place

Plein air artists, at their best, capture both the likeness of the landscape they are painting and the spirit of the place. Architectural structures hopefully fit into their visions and tell stories of their own.

We can find immediate human connections to these places — imagining ourselves building them as well as occupying them. Schaller’s paintings take particular advantage of these connections, telling the story of the place and the feel of it through the structural features and nearby environs.

Different Feelings

A city street filled with skyscrapers and cars whizzing by gives quite a different feel than an ancient piazza with a spurting fountain at its center. What is exciting is that no matter what city slice of life you prefer, you can inject personality and verve into it.

If you choose your subject with the idea of painting the “portrait” of the place foremost in your mind, you are always going to be halfway there.

Learn from a Master

In Thomas W. Schaller, Architect of Light: Watercolor Paintings by a Master your inspiration of cityscape, landscape and light will happen cover to cover. This expert artist is celebrated for his wonderful ability to capture the feel and atmosphere of a place. You’ll journey to far-flung destinations with a flip of the page. Enjoy!

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