4th Annual Shades of Gray Competition Winners Revealed

4th Annual Shades of Gray Competition Winners Revealed

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Drawing magazine is thrilled to reveal the fourteen 2015 Shades of Gray Competition winners. The grand prize went to Cheng Chi-Han, a student at Academy of Art University, in San Francisco. You can learn more about all the winning artists in this issue.

We hope you enjoy the outstanding black-and-white work of these winning artists. And learn all about the Shades of Gray Competition here, which is open to all artists working in black-and-white drawing media. And click here to peruse through all the great art competitions we offer throughout the year.

Drawing Magazine’s 4th Annual Shades of Gray Competition Winners:

Grand Prize

Cheng Chi-Han: Marven

1st Place

Marcos Rey: Woman in Coat

2nd Place

Hiroshi Hayakawa: Vanitas No. 3

3rd Place

Marnie White: Laurie

Honorable Mentions

Brock Alius: A Child’s Song

Hélène Brunet: Solidaire

Janice Evans: Farscape

Loren Miller: Verge

Sandrine Pelissier: Going in Circles

John Sanchez: Hauling West

Ryan Spahr: Cain High Meadow, En Plein Air

Diane Tompkinson: In Repose

Laura Tundel: Stacy in Profile

Shoshana Walfish: Beatrice

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