What Subject Do You Love to Paint Most?

What Subject Do You Love to Paint Most?

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Many artists gravitate to one particular genre as their primary source for painting subjects. Sure, van Gogh gave us sunflowers and self-portraits, wheat fields and cafe terraces, but many painters find their muse is more specific than that, directing their artistic efforts toward plein air landscapes or the human figure, but not both. That’s one of the aspects of the Pastel 100 Competition that I find most compelling and unique.

Let’s say you’re an artist who loves painting animals. In most art competitions, your painting of a bird or a bison will go toe to toe with paintings of the sea or sand dunes, a vase of peonies or an abstract cityscape. In the Pastel 100, however, prizes are awarded in five categories. That means there will always be five prizes given to pastels in the Animal Wildlife category.

Additionally, there will be five awards for paintings in the Landscape Interior category, the Portrait Figure category, the Still Life Floral category, and the Abstract Non-Objective category. The competition also presents five Grand Prize awards and 70 Honorable Mentions, which means a total of 100 prize-winning pastels. There is a lot of room for diversity.

Exceptional Pastels in Five Different Categories

Here are a few pastel paintings from the 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition that demonstrate the exceptional diversity in the Pastel 100.

Whether you want to find some inspiration or just want to admire the work of some incredible artists, peruse through the paintings below and be sure to plan your entry for the 19th Annual Pastel 100 Competition!

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