The Holiday Season Means Holiday Sketching

The Holiday Season Means Holiday Sketching

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Princesses, Monsters and Galloping Horses

During family get-togethers when my younger cousins were much smaller, they would always want to draw together or for me to draw pictures for them. Oh, man, they set the bar high! Princesses in gowns, cars and trucks, monsters — my little cousin Austin once asked for a galloping horse that took an hour of work before that sketch drawing passed muster.

Drawing Together

The most fun that we had was drawing silly pictures together. We’d draw googly-eyed puppies and people making funny faces or wearing outrageous costumes. Those are great memories. I wish I had saved the pictures, but at the time I didn’t think how a quick sketch done on a napkin or on the back of a sheet of paper could mean so much years later.

In the same way, I would love to have a sketch of my grandpa — who has since passed away — sitting on his stool in the kitchen making the fruitcake that no one ever ate, or a drawing of my whole family gathered around the kitchen table teasing one another and playing cards.

Holiday Sketching This Year

That’s why this year I’m going to try to dedicate time to sketching my family. I don’t know if I would have thought of this idea if I wasn’t as sensitive to the power of art, and how we can create moving artwork from our everyday experiences. This idea has really opened my eyes.

Your Friends and Family Are Your Sketches Waiting to Happen

The people and places around us can be powerful subjects, and that can be especially true during this time of the year, when families tend to come together. A quick sketch of two family members embracing, a newborn baby being cuddled by its mother, or even the drama and kookiness that families all have—I think it all has the potential for being translated into moving artwork.

Windows to Our Lives

Painting and drawing skills can be used to create mementos that act like windows into our lives. We can employ our artistic skills to mark occasions we don’t want to forget. And because we make them ourselves, these kinds of objects carry way more power than a mere snapshot.

If you have someone in your life who loves art, or if there are little ones in the family who you’d love to start teaching about the art that inspires you, or if you are like me and want that inspiration again and again in your own life, think about taking the opportunity to sketch with them.

Teach them the joy of drawing, maybe by starting with doodles or coloring on the same page of a coloring book. And then sit back, let your family and friends get caught up with the drawing banquet you’ve laid out for them — and then you swoop in and start sketching them! Take those sketches and any snapshots you take during the holidays, along with the skills you will pick up in Learn to Draw with Alain Picard: Portraits DVD, and you have the building blocks for an incredible memento of your loved ones that will come together in just a few studio sessions.

This is a great way to make art part of your holidays and inspire great artworks that are made just for us, by us!

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