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9 Gift Ideas for Bob Ross Fans

9 Gift Ideas for Bob Ross Fans

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I grew up watching Bob Ross teach the world how to paint. So now that this beloved artist is making such a well-deserved comeback, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

In case you, or your loved ones, love this iconic artist as much as we do, here’s a list of Bob Ross-inspired gift ideas perfect for the holiday season. Help your Bob-loving friends and family make happy little trees all year round. Enjoy!

Paint Like Bob Ross

Want your colors to look like Bob Ross’s palette? Well, you’re in luck! You can peruse through an assortment of Bob’s favorite pigments on You can even search for your next color combination by your preferred painting subject, whether its landscapes, wildlife or florals!

In addition to paints, you can find basecoats, gessoes and other mediums, as well as easels, frames, canvases, brushes, palettes and more. The Bob Ross enthusiasts in your life will love upgrading all of their art supplies to mimic those of their favorite artist!

You can get your shopping on here.

Coffee + Bob Ross = Happy Little Mornings!

The way Bob painted was magic. And now you can have a little bit of that magic each morning with this heat-changing coffee mug! This gift is perfect for Bob Ross fans who also love coffee (but really, who doesn’t?). Once you pour a hot cup of joe into the mug, watch as a lovely landscape emerges from the darkness.

What’s more? Bob’s famous quote is also written on the mug, so you can get inspired while you sip!

See the mug in action for yourself, below!

Find this happiness-inducing mug here.

Play Games with Bob

Who doesn’t love a fun card game to pass the time? Throw in a Bob Ross theme, and it becomes nearly impossible to pass up. Made for two to four players, see who can paint like Bob the fastest! It’s a race to happy little trees and charming cabins, artists!

See how the game is played below, and get ready to compete here.

Discover the Joy of Growing … Chia Pets

Although they may not be little trees, Bob Ross Chia Pets are still sure to bring The Joy of Painting fanatics everywhere tons of delight! “Easy to do and fun to grow,” these plant-based gifts take only about one to two weeks to grow and can be enjoyed again and again by replanting with fresh Chia or herb seeds.

Get your Bob Ross Chia Pet here.

Cozy Up in a Charming Cabin … or Anywhere Else

Stay warm this winter wrapped in a happy little throw blanket featuring Bob Ross painting one of his masterpieces. Sold by ThinkGeek, the website encourages you to “cover yourself in happy little trees and remember the good times that you and Bob spent together.” Sounds like a great way to spend a cold, rainy or snowy night to me!

Cozy on up to this comfy gift here.

Take Happy Little Notes

From mini easels to tiny paintings and even mini versions of the artist himself, the Bob Ross addicts in your life will love The Bob Ross Joy of Painting Sticky Note Booklet to keep them in organized serenity!

You can find the Bob booklet here.

Have a Pop of Fun with Bob Ross

Funko is releasing a Series 2 version of its Bob Ross Pop!s featuring some of the legendary artist’s furry friends: from raccoons to squirrels — and just in time for last-minute holiday shopping!

In addition to his animal companions, Funko is also releasing the mini artist dressed in overalls and equipped with a giant brush. These are all so adorably fun, you might just want to collect them all.

The good news is, if you can’t wait for Series 2, you can still get Funko’s just-as-cute Bob Ross with tiny palette.

Learn more about these miniature Bobs here.

Give the Key to Happiness

I am always impressed with the arts and crafts featured on Etsy, and the Bob Ross selections are no different. From key holders to holiday sweaters, you are bound to find tons of Bob Ross-inspired goodies.

For a great key holder, click here.

Gift a warm bundle of joy with this festive sweater here.

We hoped you enjoyed this gift roundup for the Bob Ross buffs in your life. Tell us your favorites or share your own in the comments below. Happy holidays, artists!

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