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Drawing for Beginners: Read This if You Want to Start Pencil Drawings

Drawing for Beginners: Read This if You Want to Start Pencil Drawings

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Pencil drawing

Pencil drawing is arguably the most common yet most versatile of artistic pursuits. Learning how to draw with a pencil is easiest when you understand that a graphite pencil allows you to make lines and linear marks that can turn into hatching and crosshatching, as well as gradations of tone and shading when you blend the lead.

Easy drawings

If you’re just beginning to draw, a good place to start is by drawing shapes. That’s because almost everything you attempt to depict with sketching is based on basic shapes like spheres, ovoids and rectangles.

Drawing ideas

Start with some easy animals to draw by downloading our tutorial on how to draw animals. Sketching faces is another good place to start. They’ll be far from perfect at first, but you’ll be surprised at the progress you make merely by practise.

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