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5 Unique Ways to Make a Floral Painting

5 Unique Ways to Make a Floral Painting

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So Many Ways of Painting Flowers!

Spring is in the air and that means a return to one of our favorite subject matters–floral painting. When I started writing I thought I might have trouble settling on just five unique looks for painting flowers–and I was right. That’s because every artist paints flowers differently. Whether in color or composition or medium, each painting I found had something unique to offer, which means you can do no wrong with this genre! So celebrate Spring with a flower bud or two–and leave a comment letting me know what other ways of painting flowers you have explored.

If you are looking to explore floral paintings in watercolor, look no further than lauded artist Soon Warren’s eBook, Painting Vibrant Flowers. Learn to paint watercolors that capture the beauty and personality of all your favorite brilliant blooms—and achieve color more vivid than you ever dreamed possible with watercolor! Enjoy!

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